WASTED mini mart



WASTED @ FMB is our community based food mini mart.  At FMB, we are a not-for-profit, Bellarine Peninsula based community run charity.  Our purpose is to collect spare food & excess produce and share it with the community who need it.  We ask #NO QUESTIONS and we have #NO AGENDAS

We rescue a vast variety of food items.  Some seasonally based. Others on availability basis only.  A majority of the food we supply is at its best before date. What does this mean to you? Firstly, safety is NOT compromised. Secondly, it isn‘t harmful either. It just means it may have lost some of its quality.


WASTED stocks a large range of food items. Keep in mind that you may not always find what you’re looking for but what you may find are hidden treasures made lovingly by our FMB volunteers! This very special group of volunteers regularly save food by repurposing food into delicious delights. 

Eliminating waste is one of the main reasons we do this so please bring your bags and containers with you. Why not even buy some FMB calico bags while you're there too?! Another way to give back to our community!

How to shop at 


Our market is open Tuesday to Saturday10-4

There is no need to register, no need to identify yourself and no need to explain why you are here. 

You can shop our wasted market to your hearts content to help yourself, a friend or family member. 

You can also shop WASTED food for the sole purpose of keeping it out of landfill.

Every dollar donation helps, pay what you can or what you feel. 


WASTED accessibility is available for everyone at 24 Sinclair Street, Ocean Grove.   Children are welcome at WASTED. We have some sofas and tables that you’re welcome to use.

We also have a commercial kitchen which is used for preparing food relief meals 

Our wasted cafe is currently only open on Sats and Friday night dinners with limited bookings.

Opening hours



to Saturday 

10 am to 4 pm 



24 Sinclair Street, Ocean Grove VIC 3226


9, 7-9 Cylinders Drive, TORQUAY